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Liver Cancer signs and symptoms

Cancer is a disease which is these days becoming very common. Among the many cancers the liver cancer is one of the most common types of cancer found today in the world. But, unlike other cancers which show symptoms at a very early stage this cancer does not show any symptom.

Thus it is called as a silent type of cancer which gets detected at a very latter stage. As the cancer is detected in a very advanced stage the patient suffering from it dies a very early death. Thus the survival rate is very low. Liver cancer can be of two kinds i.e. primary and secondary. In the primary type the cancer originates inside the liver while in the other type a tumor develops in the areas beside the liver thus affecting the liver gradually.

Patients suffering from cancer as stated earlier do not show any symptoms.  The only initial symptoms for detecting this cancer would be severe weight loss.   Also swelling in abdomen and liver enlargement can be liver cancer signs and symptoms. These were some initial symptoms of liver cancer and the signs keep changing according to the kinds of cells affecting the patient.

Let us look for some detailed liver cancer signs and symptoms

Weakness nervousness and vomiting can be symptoms of liver cancer

Change of urine color i.e. the urine gets darker with the passage of time

Pain in the abdomen in the liver area is natural because of the growth of the tumor and multiplication of cells

Weight loss as mentioned before due to loss of appetites proves to be a major symptom of liver cancer

The color of the skin too starts changing in liver cancer. The skin start becoming yellow in nature

Abdomen bloats frequently due to various reasons but in many cases it also proves to be one of the major liver cancer signs.

These were some major symptoms of liver cancer.  Now you very well know if you are facing all these above mentioned symptoms you are suffering from liver cancer. Do not panic as it is never too late. It is thus always good to keep a check on your body. Going for regular checkups helps you keep check on your body. It is always better to detect cancer in early stage because cancer detected early helps you save your life.

So stay safe and if you find these symptoms rush to the doctor and get all the tests done at once.